Better Schools

Federal Way needs better schools!  According to "Education Week" the "High School Completion Rate" for the District is about 60%!  There are no vocational programs available to ALL students in the district except those offered by the Puget Sound Skills Center which requires an every day bus ride that takes up nearly half of the vocational instructional time.  More significantly there are no known employer relationships for the "graduates" to seek employment with!

According to "Education Week" the District's high school completion rate is lower than the state of Mississippi!

All of this could be changed with the replacing of Federal Way's current Federal Way High School.  That school, having an Advanced Placement pass rate of 11% isn't an attraction to either potential living wage employers or many current, or potential, residents of the city.  It is also a significant reason for lower real estate values in the city.

Citizens for Better Federal Way Schools is a group that is attempting to get the School Board, and Administration, to take a more realistic view of the opportunities that are available to strike a partnership with the living wage employers of South Puget Sound to address the upcoming labor shortages that are about to occur as many 1000's of current employees reach retirement.  In the next 10 years Boeing, alone, expects to have 20,000 retirements.

Couple serious vocational offerings with the highly rated Cambridge Program, sponsored by Cambridge University, at the current Federal Way High School site and we believe that Federal Way could be a far better place to raise children and raise our home values.

Please consider joining us.


Content provided by: Charles Hoff